Marketing is everywhere, on our televisions, our radios, our newspapers, the streets we walk and the train stations we lurk in, but that’s all old news. The internet is everywhere now, it’s seeped into almost every facet of our lives and it’s hear to stay, and amid this radical shift in how society goes about so many of its activities, digital marketing has emerged as an innovative, diverse, and highly prevalent tool used by businesses across a range of industries to help further their endeavors.

The digital marketing phenomenon is important for both marketers and everyone who uses the internet (i.e. everyone) to understand. This is essentially because we’re surrounded by it, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, as it’s now easier than ever for individuals and brands to be connected and communicate for an expansive selection of reasons.

My name’s Ahron Burstin and I’m here to take you through the many forms of digital marketing, how it works, and how how it can work for you.

For anyone who’s interested I am a third year marketing student at Monash University with a keen interest in the way the internet has changed the way individuals and groups can go about their marketing activities. I am undertaking  the Digital Marketing (MKF3881) unit and attend the workshop at 11:00 am on Thursdays, and if you’re reading this, I’ll probably see you there!


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