Multi-Platform Users (and how they’re messing with your metrics)

“You can’t manage what you can’t measure”, an adage famously spoken by Peter Drucker, or Bob Napier depending on who you ask, rings just as true in today’s online marketplace as it did when it was first spoken.

It’s always been crucial to measure the performance of a business’s different aspects, it lets you know your strengths, your weaknesses, and what you need to focus on to improve. Now that the internet plays such a vital role in modern businesses, digital analytics are of the utmost importance, but despite this, many businesses can still misuse several key online metrics.

Back in simpler times, people would access the internet on one device, their computer. That’s no longer the case, these days we can connect to the internet on our desktop, laptop, phone, tablet, TV, PlayStation and even our refrigerators.


Because I didn’t already take long enough to decide what to eat

The multi-device way we access the internet nowadays impacts our measurement of various digital metrics, as if your analytics platform isn’t geared towards multi-platform users, each device someone uses to check out the same website will be registered as two unique visitors as opposed to the one using multiple platforms to access a website. Not taking this shift in device usage into account can cause serious issues in the measurement of various key digital metrics.

The measurement of unique visitors, perhaps the best measure of online audience, will be incorrect if multi-platform users are not accounted for. The same goes for conversion rates, engagement metrics, global audience and viewable impressions. These misattributions can mislead businesses into thinking they have a larger, and less engaged audience than in actuality, as one highly involved viewer using multiple devises may be presented as several viewers, each with lower engagement.


Probably all of you right now

So the lesson to be learnt is that while the measurement of digital metrics is undeniably important for a business, it is essential that they measure correctly, and take into account individuals using multiple devises to partake in online activity, as without this adjustment, your metrics can become very misleading.


2 thoughts on “Multi-Platform Users (and how they’re messing with your metrics)

  1. Hey Ahri! Great blog post 🙂 You have explained this topic extremely well and it has helped me to understand the fundamentals of digital metrics. It really is important that firms get their metric measurement right as otherwise the data collected may acquire a significant bias and will therefore be useless!

    Kara 🙂

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