3 Must Do’s For All Brands on Facebook

Facebook. You know what it is, you know how it works, and you know why you use it. We all do. Chances are you’re using it right now, and for anyone managing any brands out there, you should be too.

Half of all Australians have been found to use social media on a daily basis, with 25% of the population using it more than 5 times a day. Out of the vast array of social media platforms we have at our disposal Facebook sits comfortably in the role of the big kahuna, with over 13 million individuals nationwide using Facebook for an average of 8.5 hours per week. That’s a lot of potential exposure brands can get on Facebook, so it’s critical that they get it right.

So here are the top three must do’s for brands on Facebook looking to make noise and connect with their customers.

1. Know your audience

This is a pretty straightforward one that is relevant to all facets of marketing, as an understanding of your target audience should drive your marketing efforts. If you don’t understand who you’re talking to, it becomes a whole lot harder to talk to them.


I tried explaining this to my two year old cousin but he didn’t really care


Take a look at Red Bull, they possess an excellent understanding of their youthful, adventurous and gosh darn extreme consumers and as a result they can offer up content that appeals to this market, netting them over 45 million likes, and a lot of subsequent post likes, comments, shares, and brand exposure.

And then there’s Cheerios, who instead of building a rapport with the parents who buy their product, try and go right for the youngsters by announcing their new Snapchat account, a complete failure to understand who their audience is, and how they work.


Great, another Snapchat from Cheerios

2. Be interesting

Once you know who you’re talking to, you need to know how to talk to them. Post attention grabbing content that will help in the formation of strong, positive brand associations, and post it often.

ESPN posts frequent updates on all major sports which offer value to their audience, and keep them in the consumers mind as a top sports provider. Huge corporations such as McDonalds, Coca-Cola and Disney have also found online success by uploading a constant stream of advertisement/entertainment hybrid content that both engage the audience and  circulate their respective brand messages. Not all brands have the same success, posting content that fails to be interesting, relevant, or both.


What even is this Red Rooster?

3. Be relatable

Facebook exists as a virtual social space for people to interact with each other is a casual environment. In order to truly thrive in this setting, brands should operate in an informal way, or they risk alienating themselves as simple spam advertisements in a sea of user generated content.

Starbucks excels in this regard, as there informal, well-crafted posts excellently appeal to their market and do so in a way which blends nicely with the social landscape provided by Facebook.

Another great way to make your brand more relatable on Facebook is through responses to customer inquiries. By offering up friendly, helpful, and prompt responses to be people’s customer service issues, brands can gain the persona of a helpful individual, rather than a faceless organisation.


If only every conversation could be so helpful and polite


2 thoughts on “3 Must Do’s For All Brands on Facebook

  1. Hey Ahri great post 🙂 i found this article really interesting I loved how you included examples for each “must do” especially your mention of Cheerios using snapchat which is completly the wrong platform for their target audience. Another example of a brand who actually knows and targets their audience correctly is Triangl swimwear who rose to success in just three short years via their use of Instagram. Through celebrities such as Kendall Jenner posting pictures in the brands bikinis, the brand gained popularity and increased their brand awareness with their target market of women aged between 14-27 – an audience who does frequently access this social media platform. If you wanted to read more about the story of Triangl here is a link to an article http://www.telegraph.co.uk/fashion/brands/triangl-bikinis-a-swimwear-success-story/

    Claire 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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